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JaNUARY 22, 2015

Excerpt of an Interview with Mark Ronson about his time in Memphis recording his #1 record "Uptown Funk"

Memphis Flyer

January 22, 2015


This is the sixth year of the Flyer᾿s annual 20<30 issue, and this year᾿s crop of young movers and shakers is a diverse and impactful group. They are taking on the city᾿s major issues — poverty, food deserts, education, and the lack of young leadership. They are enriching the city — with dance, music, art, crafts, and entrepreneurship. They are the future, and they have a common denominator: They each want to make Memphis a better place. These young people have studied, practiced, and traveled. Some have moved here from elsewhere; some have returned to a place they᾿re proud to call home, Memphis. They are faces you᾿ll be seeing and voices you'll be hearing in the coming years. Pay attention. You᾿ll want to know them.

Memphis Flyer

May 2, 2014

NBC Nightly News and Today Show

June 27, 2014

L-R Matt Ross-Spang, Jerry Phillips, Dave Roe, Lester Holt, Dale Watson, J.M. Van Eaton, Rick Steff. Photo by Kim Cornett

L-R Matt Ross-Spang, Jerry Phillips, Dave Roe, Lester Holt, Dale Watson, J.M. Van Eaton, Rick Steff. Photo by Kim Cornett

Lester Holt and NBC stopped by Sun Studio to film a historic recording session in action to be shown on "NBC Nightly News" and the "Today Show". The band featured such greats as Sam Phillips' son Jerry Phillips on acoustic guitar , original Sun drummer J.M. Van Eaton, Dave Roe (Johnny Cash, Ray LaMontagne, Dan Auerbach) on upright bass, Rick Steff (Cat Power, Lucero) on piano and country star Dale Watson.

It was the first session recorded on the period correct 1936 RCA Tube console and 1950s Ampex 350 recently installed at the studio. The session was recorded 3 microphones live to mono! We recorded two songs and on the 2nd one Lester jumped in on upright bass and even took a solo! Truly a night we will never forget. He also blogged about it here:


NPR "All Things Considered"

July 22, 2014

Thanks to Christopher Blank and everyone at NPR for the nice piece on "All Things Considered"! 

Heres a link to the page:



Hear the broadcast here: http://cpa.ds.npr.org/wkno/audio/2014/07/sunstudio.mp

And here's a little bonus segment on the rockabilly hiccup!





Segment and Photo Credit: Christopher Blank

Segment and Photo Credit: Christopher Blank

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