"Thats All Right" 60 Years of Rock 'N Roll!

July 5th, 2014 was a big day at Sun Studio.

Its the 60th anniversary of the musical "big bang". On July 5th 1954, a young Elvis Presley got together with Scotty Moore and Bill Black and auditioned for Sam Phillips at Sun Studio. Elvis had been to Sun a few times before but never with the band who Sam had contacted and put in touch with Elvis. After a few hours of running down gospel and country numbers that had been covered hundreds of times before, the boys took a break almost ready to give up. It was during this down time that Elvis jumped up and with a bunch of nervous energy launched into Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup's "Thats All Right". Bill Black followed suit and started slapping his bass and hootin' and hollerin' motivating Elvis even more. Scotty fell in with his jazz inspired guitar licks. Sam Phillips' ears immediately perked up from the control room and he scrambled to get the tape machine and sound levels just right.  Fast forward a few months later and the world had changed completely off this one late night in the studio.

To celebrate this momentous day, Phil Critchcrow and the BBC hosted an all day radio show with live music streamed from the little studio back home to the UK (and all across the world via the internet).  We loaded in the night before and had a little sound check,slept about 4 hours and met back at the studio at 6a.m. Another quick round of soundchecks and satellite tests and we were off. Sam Palladio of the hit TV show Nashville was the host and in between interviews with George Klein, Jerry Phillips, the artists, and myself , we recorded and broadcasted about 10 acts.

My notes had an addendum

" *pronounced shed-yule. always. every time."

Set List:

Dermot O'Leary Show

10:20: Striking Matches

11:10: Sam Palladio

11:30: The Pierces

Noon: Live BBC Event starts

12:10: Laura Bell Bundy

12:30: Candi Staton

12:50: Brian Free & The Assurance

1:10: Sugar & The Hi Lows

1:30: Lucie Silvas

1:55: Candi Staton, Sam Palladio and Laura Bell Bundy

Link to the BBC here:


Matt Ross-Spang and the amazing Candi Staton!! 

Matt Ross-Spang and the amazing Candi Staton!! 

The host of the day was Musician/ Actor Sam Palladio . Photo by Matt Ross-Spang.

The host of the day was Musician/ Actor Sam Palladio . Photo by Matt Ross-Spang.