The Guitar That Changed The World

This year sure started off on a high note. 


Producer Geoff Baker and the BBC decided to record a special segment on legendary guitarist Scotty Moore at the Sun Studio. Titled "The Guitar That Changed The World" after Scotty's classic 1964 LP; the show features Scotty interviewed by Musician/Actor and super fan Chris Isaak.

The interview took place on the tracking floor where Scotty, Bill Black and Elvis recorded the beginnings of Rock N' Roll. After recording the interview, Chris, Pete Pritchard (Alvin Lee) and I recorded the first Sun Records Elvis release : "That's All Right" and "Blue Moon of Kentucky".

I set up the tape machine and placed the microphones (the same type Sam Phillips used on the boys!) Scotty had us position where he remembers they were in '54 and we started to run down the tunes. I have been lucky to call Scotty a friend for a few years now but nevertheless it was nerve wracking to play my hero's own guitar licks in front of him not to mention in the same studio! Scotty was very kind and gracious as always and even brought down his custom Gibson L-7 for me to pick on! Curry Weber took over the console once we began recording and did an excellent job. To add to the pressure, not only was Scotty watching from the control room but also Sam Phillip's son Jerry and his daughter Halley!

It was pretty amazing to be on the other side of the glass that night and to be apart of such history. Scotty really got into the moment and coached us through both songs, it was really a treat to see Chris grinning the whole time.

You can catch the segment on the BBC here:

Scotty Moore's website also wrote about the whole experience:



Here's a few photos from the night.

Matt Ross-Spang (Guitar), Chris Isaak (Acoustic,Vocals) Pete Pritchard (Upright Bass) Recording at Sun Studio.

Matt Ross-Spang playing Scotty's custom Gibson!


Scotty Moore and Chris Isaak! Scotty's holding the Gibson Reissue of Scotty's legendary Es-295!

Scotty Moore Producing the band!

Photos courtesy of Wayne Pollock, Matt Ross-Spang and Sean Davis.